We provide you with a hassle-free and pleasant letting, and property selling or buying experience by pulling all our resources together to meet and exceed your expectations. We at Home Wide serve as an agent that makes the entire process of property renting smooth, quick, and hitch-free. With Home Wide, you can rest assured that all will turn out as planned.

Because we know that it is all about you, our team of experienced and skilful consultants involves you to ensure that your budget and taste are considered when making critical decisions. Indeed our existing and past customers can testify that our tenants are of utmost priority to us.

Home Wide has exactly what you need whether a house, flat, or room all bearing in mind your taste and pocket size. Whatever your location of choice or renting needs, our very resourceful team will come up with the best for you. We have a wide array of products and services that are customized to ease the renting process and make it as stress-free as possible.

We work in line with the highest standards of the industry and we ensure that our properties and agents do not fall short of such standards. We are committed to protecting your interest and ensuring your safety by being involved with only properly maintained properties. It does not matter the day you are ready for your viewing as our agents are ever ready to do that with you.

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