Rent valuation
When choosing a property agent, you need to choose the best to attract amiable tenants to you. Aim at letting your property out within the shortest time and at the best price possible. We have a vast knowledge of the values of properties in east London and we are involved in a lot of valuations monthly.

Selecting an agent
Holding a strong high street presence and a supportive attitude to a landlord is a great attribute of an estate agent. With Home Wide, you can be rest assured that your tenancy will be transparently handled and letting and re-letting your property does not have to take long. We have a team of the best letting agents in east London, reach out to us today.

Service required
When you decide to let your property, you must decide the extent of your involvement in the process. You could choose to rent managed properties like most tenants, though, you should also know that a premium will be paid for that. However, this leaves you to rest assured that your tenants, as well as the property, will be well cared for.

Property presentation
Presenting your property in the best possible way matters as first impression counts. This is very important to having a successful let. You may choose to do some of the things that need to be done by yourself, like a new painting, or decongest the rooms to make them look bigger.

Have an up-to-date list of what is in the property and set out all conditions otherwise known as inventory. At Home Wide, we have letting agents that are more than ready to do all of this for you.

Finding a Tenant
Having had your dream property and is searching for tenants, ensure that you get the best tenants. Home Wide is here to make this part stress-free for you.

We make use of the best marketing methods to achieve this- brochures and professional photography just to name a few. We have a professional unbiased referencing method, with a legal backing and rent guarantee giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Legal checks
As a landlord, you have some obligations to perform to ensure that that your property is safe before the commencement of any tenancy. These include mortgage lender consent, smoke alarm, insurance, EPC, and furniture.

Deposit protection
Full deposits taken from tenants should be registered with the appropriate deposit scheme which could be DPS, My Deposits or TDS whichever one you prefer. You are required by law to register with a government-approved scheme any tenant deposit to ensure the protection of such deposits.

Deposits are made to cover for any damage or breach of the tenancy agreement at the end of the tenancy. The inventory taken at the start of the tenancy is used to confirm this.

Tenancy & Moving in
Both parties are required to sign the tenancy agreement ensuring that the details on the inventory are accurate. You should have a copy as evidence in case of any mix-up.  As soon as all necessary documents have been signed, deposits and complete rent has been paid, the keys can then be released to the tenant.