Property valuation
This is a very integral process in selling your property.  Do you have flats for sale in east London?  Or do you need to sell your home quickly? Home Wide is here to ensure that this does not go wrong. We have adequate knowledge of the factors that affect property valuation such as the location of the property, amenities, local transport links, and current market conditions just to name a few. We can offer valuable advice on how to improve the value of your property. We can also offer you a free valuation, all you need to do is to contact us in person, through phone call or email.

Finding an Agent
An agent helps you advertise your property on various online platforms, though there is more to it than just that. Also, you could get valuable candid advice on what to expect from your local property professional since they are very familiar with the environment. Choose the best agent possible and take good note of the communication pattern of your agent to avoid any misunderstanding due to poor communication.  If you are looking for reliable estate agents in east London, Home Wide has got you covered as we have the best and most skilful team of experts whose number one priority is to sell your home quickly and at the best price.

Marketing the Property
At this point, you need to get the best agent to sell your property at the best price and within a short time. You need an agent that will superbly present your property using all relevant mediums. This saves you a lot of stress. The right agent ascertains the needs of prospective buyers and lets the viewer in on the features of the properties in which they have an interest.  These arouse a desire in the buyer to make a move to buy and this could lead to selling at a more pleasant price. We have all of these tactics in Home Wide and we have the modern marketing experience. We use a wide array of mediums and resources to market your property. Our high street office is located in a strategic location and we have the best of experienced hands-on ground to partner with you and give you the best.

Viewing the Property
When your property is properly marketed, within a short while, it will begin to attract interests and then viewing can be scheduled. It is your agent’s responsibility to probe potential buyers based on your expectations to sell the property to the buyer with the best offer. Our agents at Home Wide are always available to accompany viewers or buyers to any property. This is done by booking ahead of time. Our property consultants capitalize on the features of the property and the location to help you make the best sale.

Receiving Offers.
When a buyer indicates interest and wishes to make an offer, they communicate via mail, in person or by phone call. They will normally do so through the estate agent which you have selected. However, it is only when an exchange of contracts takes place that the offer has legal backing otherwise, the negotiation of the property’s price continues. With Home Wide, you can rest assured that as soon as an offer is genuine, you as the seller will be informed and where there are so many offers we will guide you in making the right decision. With us, you need not be afraid as we will get the befitting price for your property and protect your interest all through.

Accepting an Offer.
At this stage, it is very normal that the many interests you have received have resulted in viewings. Endeavour to negotiate each time you receive an offer. You will be surprised to realize that some buyers can pay more than they initially offered for your property. Your estate agent will advise you on when to take an offer, especially when it is reasonable. Accepting an offer opens the way for sales progression to officially begin. We have highly experienced and result-oriented sales progressors whose driving force is to ensure a hitch-free conveyancing process. They do so by liaising with all parties involved in the process.

 Instruct a solicitor
As soon as you’ve made up your mind to sell, you should instruct your solicitor. You should choose a property lawyer that is experienced, clever and smart to reduce the hassles of the legal works. We have conveyancing partners that will be more than pleased to give you a quote of what will be required for selling your property. You will also be provided with a concise detail of the conveyancing process as well as shed light on any areas you are not clear with.

 Exchange contract
The formal exchange of contracts takes place when all the needed documents, an official offer of mortgage and instructions, funds are deposited and cleared, and both parties have signed the contracts. This is done on an agreed-upon date. Doing this brings to a wrap the terms of sale thereby making the transaction a legal one and at this stage, you get to have your deposit transferred to you.

The transaction becomes complete when your solicitor receives the funds from the solicitor of the buyer. This indicates that the property has successfully changed hands and that you no longer own the property legally. At this point, your solicitor confirms to us the completion and requesting the release of keys to the buyer or new owner.